Survivors, Olympic Style

Often when we think of “cancer survivors” we think only in terms of a person who had cancer and was cured.  In my opinion though there is a far deeper, more realistic definition.  I embrace one of the dictionary definitions and apply it to all those who’ve been through a cancer battle with someone they love, “the remainder of a group of people.”  With that in mind I share with you the stories of two men, both survivor’s, both Olympians, opposite ends of the spectrum but each a story of courage and determination. When the miles feel long, or you just feel discouraged come back here and read again.  The difference between the two stories comes down to research, to the money you and I will raise this season, read and remind yourself why you are here.  We need far more stories like Brian’s.

Dan Jansen – Speed Skater

Brian Fletcher – Nordic Skier

Train strong!


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