The Long Road

Often when we think of cancer, whether its a blood cancer or some other type, what’s called to mind is immediacy.  The sudden battle for the life of the person diagnosed.  We tend to view cancer as a short term problem, chemo, radiation, surgery, chaos for a few months or a year, then if all goes well back to life as usual.  But there is another side to cancer, living with it…

John Scoblic, CLL (with Beamer)

John Scoblic, CLL (with Beamer)

There are many types of blood cancers that are so slow growing that doctors opt to just watch them rather than treat.  Others are treated very simply, others require more aggressive treatments.  But for all of these patients, like my friend John Scoblic, cancer is for life and one of the hopes of the LLS is to make that life the best it can possibly be.  This week I’d like to introduce you to one of those, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, roughly 15,000 people were diagnosed last year. You can read about CLL here: 

Do you ever wonder exactly where the research dollars go and how big the impact might be?  We all know the search for cures is a long one, along the way there is news like this:

Need a little inspiration?

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